The present project proposal is the result of a positive experience of networking at EU level among towns united by a the will to discuss shared topics considered strategic for the local communities.

FLOWS is a continuation of previous experiences of best practices exchange and has the will to enlarge the discussion to other countries to enrich the debate with other point of views. All the partners agreed to keep open the discussion about the enduring migrants’ crisis, to help their citizens in the construction of counter-narratives and in opposing the rising of euroscepticism in small communities.

The protraction of migrant flows and the inability of MS to tackle the problem in a solidal and mutual way, led to the growth of nationalist and xenophobic parties and to diffusion of Euroscepticism, that are now rooting among small communities.

With this initiative the partners want to start from their environment of positive cooperation to enlarge the discussion over the migrants’ crisis to its effects on the perception of the Union among citizens, to fight the use of “the others” as a mean of political propaganda and opposion to EU.

The activities are oriented to restore trust in EU policies on immigration, asylum and social inclusion, involving the participants in actions to improve their media literacy and set strategies to oppose propaganda.

Target groups: youth, minorities, NGOs, volunteers, third-country nationals.

Fostering intercultural dialogue and mutual understanding

Enhance the knowledge and comprehension of the migrant phenomenon

Construction of counternarratives and set tools against the use of migrants for political and xenophobic propaganda

Exchange of best practices on shelter and social inclusion

Enhance media literacy and knowledge about EU policies and programmes

Involvement of third-country nationals in volunteering and civic participation